We partner with you from initial planning to event execution, with services including:

  • Pre-Event Consultation

  • Creative set and room design

  • Room schematics – design flow and positioning

  • Meeting Venue support

  • Speaker Ready / Preparation Services

  • Technicians  – skill specific to your needs

  • Visuals – from 32” monitors in small meeting rooms to 20’x15’ multiple screens in large ballrooms

  • Audio – from press releases and small lectures to large events

  • Custom lighting – from corporate presentations to gala dinners

  • Computer rentals and presentations

  • Audience Response Systems

  • Audio / Video Recording



We offer our clients an extensive array of AV equipment from our in-house inventory to keep your costs down, and to ensure only the highest  show quality.  Should your production require additional or specialized equipment, McHugh Productions sources equipment only from our preferred suppliers with our same standards to quality, and at our preferred industry rates.

  • HD 4K to 10K Projectors

  • HD Video Switchers

  • Digital Audio Mixers

  • Audio / Video Recording

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Large format/multiple screens

  • Audience Response Systems



Our core client base is built on long-standing relationships and trust, and we are fortunate to travel with them year-on-year. Our technicians have extensive experience across Canada, North America and internationally, and we pride ourselves on our range of networking connections and relationships.

“I have been most impressed with McHugh Productions and Val’s team’s ability to deliver professional services, on time and on budget.  I recall several instances when there were problems that arose, such as a computer virus in Singapore; but Val and the team worked diligently and through many long hours to resolve the situation without any glitches being evident to the participants or other presenters.  This took a great deal of time and talent to manage a very difficult and challenging situation…..but they did it successfully and professionally.  I will never forget that experience….and likely neither will they!”

Esther Green, Provincial Head, Nursing and Psychosocial Oncology, Cancer Care Ontario



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